Teleri (telerib) wrote,

Another pleasant(ish) surprise

Yay, a weekend!

We were originally scheduled to drive out to Pittsburgh to see my grandmother this weekend, but the Dear Spouse is still getting over his cold. If we give Grandma a cold, she will probably get pneumonia or something; Dad told us flat out not to go if we were still symptomatic. (Her hygiene is not so good these days; she only has one lung and is on oxygen; we are not to bring the shadow of the risk of pulmonary problems into her home.)

So, while I feel bad about disappointing Grandma, it is nice to have a second weekend in a row at home with nothing particular on the schedule - especially since things ramp up after that. (Also, Dad's news about the cleanliness of Grandma and her home slipping further worries me on the Spud's behalf. He's in the goes-in-the-mouth stage with a vengeance, and... I dunno. Playing in the dirt doesn't bother me but this does, a little.)
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