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Dance Post 2: Maypole v2.0

There's a demo on May 9 (at the National Zoo! Y'all come!) and I thought, "Gee, I could do a maypole." And indeed, the organizer would like a maypole, so I need to talk to him. Only catch: It's the "Guppie Gala," for ages 3-12, so the flirty adolescent maypole I had in mind is, um, not suitable.

A simplified and shortened version:

Decorate the maypole. No ribbon dancing - it takes too long to untangle if we want to have more than one dance per demo.

Assemble the kids for two dances: modified Bransle Official and Maltese Bransle.

Bransle Official:
[two singles left, two singles right] (repeat); [six singles left, drop hands and turn in place] (repeat)
Chorus: "Fa la la la la la la, La ... la-la, now is the month of Maying."

Maltese Bransle:
[two singles left, two singles right] (repeat); [three singles in, three claps] [three singles out, three claps]
Chorus: "Oh, in comes the spring, Oh the joys it brings, And the boys all dance, And the girls all sing" (repeat)

(Vague notion that the repeat should be "girls all dance and the boys all sing" for gender equity purposes, but then the younger kids will muddle it.)

No couples or partners are needed; the same L-R-L-R figure is the same in both. If I can write verses for the two songs, they can be sung by a single all-purpose dance instructor/music maker (good that demo can happen with minimal people), but if there are more people to provide music that certainly would add to it. I'd guess 15-20 min to dance both.
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