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We have a Big Demo on Monday at work. It's been two weeks of overtime to get ready for the dang thing. I've turned into the female character on Galaxy Quest who repeats the computer. I wrote the "mission sequencer," the project's main AI component. So I'm the one most familiar with the screen display that's noting our progress through the test, so I'm the one who repeats what the computer screen says so the whole team knows where we are.

But at least I'm doing something - most of the rest of the team just twiddles their thumbs or mans an emergency stop. We're pretty dang automated!

A week ago, aemccurry threw the bridal shower for gkaczns. It was goth-themed, the bride having dipped her toes into the goth scene in college. Thankfully, most of the attendees were young(ish), and those who were not were game for the non-traditional theme. I note in passing that giddysinger's godmother is made of pure awesome. There was a ton of food, some activities/games we never even got around to, and the bride giggled through the whole thing - so I call it a success.

In a week, I'm hosting the bachelorette party - an RPG. (Are you surprised? I thought not.) Pulp adventurers go to Barsoom, where the remnants of Atlantis have founded their lost colony. We'll see how GMing goes with the Spud on the loose - Moe will be out at the bachelor party the same night. We'll get some new toys to distract him. And there are board games as a backup.

Now to actually write up some adventure notes...
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