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Performer's Revel

It's too bad we can't figure out a way to have one of those every month. Or week, even. The fighters truck in for practice, after all...

Performer's Revel was awesome fun. The grandparents had come to visit, so the Spud stayed home and we didn't have to take turns minding him. I got a request.

Seriously, listeners at home? If you want to make a performer feel warm and fuzzy, make a request (preferably something you know they know). I still remember with utter fondness a baron of Carillion who asked me ever time he saw me to "do the 'High Road, Low Road' song!" It's not one of my best songs, or a signature song, but he knew I knew it and he loved the song, so he'd request it. And I got to feel, momentarily, like an actual court performer.

Anyway. There was really too much fine stuff going on to enumerate it all. The performance that most remains in my mind is the one I requested, Poul Anderson's "The Queen of Air and Darkness," which Mistress Fevronia obliged.

I also Learned Lessons, to wit: While the Storvik Music Ensemble serves an important half of learning to be an ensemble performer, by providing practiced material that builds skill and confidence, the other half of learning to jam is going to actual jam sessions and doing the thing.

And the food was marvelous. Baron Igor is wise in the ways of Roast Beast, and of other things besides.
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