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Pure, pure hubris... For some time, I have wanted to design a comprehensive "how to" or curriculum for SCA bards. Here is a proposed outline.

Each bullet would be expanded on its own webpage. In addition to whatever pearls of wisdom I think I have to offer, I could link to some of the many great existing bardic resources on the web. I will have to, in some cases, since I have no personal expertise in (say) vocal technique or theater tricks.

Some bullets would have short pages. Some, like "Period Performance," I could happily expand upon with more and more links, more pathways, more possible ways of doing.

Clearly (or I hope clearly), it's more a course catalog than a syllabus. Somebody who wants to do the traditional SCA bardic thing can ignore the musicianship or research parts that don't interest her.

Thoughts, opinions? Additions/subtractions?
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