Teleri (telerib) wrote,

I'm doing it again

Every time there is a performing arts competition around here, I use it as a goal-setter for my latest-and-greatest. This means I'm always entering pieces that are on the outer edge of my performance comfort zone. The pieces are the best things I've got, but the performance isn't.

So even though Lochmere's Midwinter Revel's PA competition doesn't have a theme, and even though the A&S theme is 15th century Spain, I thought I should redo my arrangement of a 16th century villancico de navidad for harp and voice. Not just trot it out again, though. I'd document it. And maybe redo the accompaniment to better reflect the later period. And did I mention that I haven't practiced it in years, and that I'm weaker in harp and voice than I am in either harp or voice alone? (Either way, the documentation will go on the website and I'll post a link here, for those who might be interested to see an example of PA documentation.)

Never mind that I don't know what the judges' criteria are. I may be further ahead to do "By Your Side" (in an Atlantian style, I think I'll say) if the primary criteria are "original work" and "judges like it."

Or the compromise candidate is the translation of "L'homme arme." But I tend not to think of that as really being a competition piece. It's not well-documented enough for that sort of competition, and isn't pop enough for the other sort of competition. And the lyrics are meh.
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