Teleri (telerib) wrote,

Get me a herald! I have conflicts!


In the "Baronial Birthday vs. Sister's Wedding?" contest, the winner is clear, especially as I am a matron of honor.

But in the "Novice Tourney vs. Harp Festival" contest, the outcome is less certain. The Somerset Harp Festival used to be held exclusively in Somerset, NJ, mere miles from my alma mater and within minutes of the old homestead. Then they started migrating it, first out to the West Coast, and now to nearby Alexandria, VA! The same weekend as Novice!

Somerset is an awesome harp experience. The workshops are fabulous and the concerts are grand. I haven't been to one in years - 2004 or something like that.

Although I seem to recall a registration fee in the hundreds of dollars. That might be the deciding factor this time around.
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