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Beef: It Was What Was for Dinner

As it turned out, I wasn't home in time to do the rib roast, so Moe did it. He used a rosemary rub that was on that cooking website and plopped it in the oven.

It came out really, really rare - like not-entirely-cooked-in-the-center rare. (Probably it hadn't fully defrosted/warmed up. I got it out on Wednesday, but it was a big roast.) He hacked off rare-but-cooked portions for us to eat and returned the not-cooked portion to the oven for a while longer. He'd oven-roasted some potatoes and we lightly steamed some fresh green beans to go with. Also, there was a fresh round Italian loaf (slightly sour, almost like someone crossbred Italian bread with a sourdough).

Oh my goodness. It has been forever since I had prime rib. That's what steak is supposed to taste like.

Even when I buy pretty good cuts of steak for broiling, I usually rub them with Worchestire sauce, onion and garlic powder, salt and pepper. If I don't, they taste... bland. Not steaky. (Maybe my grocery store just carries cruddy steak, I don't know.) This? This was not bland. Even the interior portions that were not flavored by the rosemary rub were tasty, tasty steak. Very tender and flavorful.

I won't be spending that much on dinner again anytime soon, but it was very nice for a post-Christmas Christmas dinner with the in-laws.
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