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Hurray, we went to the DC Revels Saturday afternoon!

First, I need to warn you all that there is a time-space warp in the vicinity of Mt. Vernon Square in Washington, DC. It transfers you from NY Ave to Mass Ave. It doesn't matter if you're inbound or outbound. You will end up on Mass Ave. Plan accordingly.

Warp fields aside, we made it just in time. The highlights for me included:
  • Mark Jaster as Will Kemp, Shakespeare's comic actor. Dude was awesome.
  • A script which was written by people who had a deep understanding of Elizabethan comedy. By which I mean there were puns, but they were appropriate puns, and several were verbal/physical puns.
  • WTF a third tune for the verses of "Gaudete." I have no idea what to sing now.
  • Readings from Shakespeare, which left the entire company (Morris dancers and brass ensemble included) dead. (giddysinger, what was your line? The audience was laughing so loudly we couldn't hear you.)
  • The Abbots Bromley Horn Dance is still the spookiest damn thing I think I've seen. I mean that in a good way.
  • "Fum, Fum, Fum" has English words? Want! (I learned it in Spanish in high school.)
  • Piffaro the Renaissance Band is still awesome, and we got another of their CDs.
  • Just oodles and oodles of great music, including a zippy "Contest between the holly and ivy" which I may endeavor to learn.
  • Oh and heh, they did "Blow thy horn, hunter." And left out the dirtiest verses. :D As they used to say at the NJ Ren Faire, "Family show!"

Thanks to curiousangel who watched the Spud while we were out. The baby is apparently much more comfortable with other people when his parents are not around, which boggles me, but there you have it. (Or else I just can't listen to the full crying cycle which is required before Spud decides that you're not going to eat him after all?)
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