Teleri (telerib) wrote,

Seven months of Spud

He's scoot-crawling around, sits up on his own, and cries if we won't help him stand up. He can walk if we're holding his hands. More teeth are on their way. Green beans and pears are his favorite foods so far. Car rides are great; airplanes are evil.

He is infectiously happy. Big smiles, giggles, exclamations, grins. When he's crying, it's not nearly the ear-splitting cacophony it could be. He has periods of intense interest or examination, which are fun to watch. Peekaboo is a fun game now, and he finally is showing an interest in having books read to him.

And of course, he's adorable.

"Crikey, Dad's sneaker! Let's see 'ow 'e tastes!"

Tactile investigation of a fall leaf, mere moments before it goes in the mouth.

Who wants turkey for Thanksgiving when there are nylon straps to chew on?
(Is it wrong that I call his teething aides "chew toys"?)

Technically 6 months, 3 weeks and a day or two in this picture, but we're calling it "Seven Months Old"
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