Teleri (telerib) wrote,

Grandpa's Commandments: Love, Give

The second commandment, "Love," took us by surprise. We were about twelve, you see, and joking with Grandpa that "Eat" was a commandment - because he'd just exhorted us to eat, again while we were camping with him. He'd nodded, repeated the first commandment, and then issued the second. "Love," of course, is central to all the world's great religions. We knew Grandpa was serious.

He paused, then decided on "Give" to round out the commandments. "Give" was the reflection of "Eat," and the primary way he made Love manifest. You allowed other people to love you by accepting what they gave, and you showed love to others by giving - of your time, your table, your work, your ear.

Eat, Love, Give.

Happy Thanksgiving.
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