Teleri (telerib) wrote,

Small wisdoms

I grew up in a house where coffee, tea and cocoa were drunk from 12oz mugs. The only time I saw coffee in a smaller cup was at the diner. The small cups there seemed ridiculous. You'd drink it all and then have to wait for the refill. Or, in an attempt to avoid the refill problem, nurse the coffee, which then got cold, because there was so little of it.

Post-pregnancy, I was told to limit my caffeine intake. I'd discovered that what was important to me was having two cups of coffee, but it really didn't matter how big the cups were. There was some psychological aspect of not feeling deprived in being able to have "another" cup. So I started drinking from the delicate porcelain teacups my Grandma had given me when I first moved out on my own.

[I actually have several types of teacup in my cupboard, all of which have gone mainly unused. They came out for a tea party-themed baby shower once. I got them mostly as gifts or hand-me-downs, often as a part of a plate-saucer-cup setting. A few of them have also recently taken on new life as portion-control ice cream bowls (something I first saw at hueffmea's house - thanks!) and baby food serving bowls. But before this, they got no use.]

At work, I have two big mugs and darned if the coffee I put into them doesn't seem to get cold faster than in the little porcelain cups at home. I don't know if it's that the office is colder and so the coffee has to heat up the thick cold mug or what. Even when I only pour half a mug - about the same amount as the small teacup - this happens, so it isn't that I'm taking longer to drink a larger mug and it's getting cold in that time. But now it's to the point that I want to bring some teacups into work.

June Cleaver and her coffee klatch were clearly onto something.
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