Teleri (telerib) wrote,

Quote of the Day

"For one thing, there's a magic train that exists for the sole purpose of players fighting on its roof."
- TV Tropes Wiki explaining that the Rule of Cool applies to the Eberron D&D campaign setting.

I have never seen this TV Tropes Wiki before, but it is very interesting from an RPG point of view. On the Rule of Cool page there are links to Bellisario's Maxim and the MST3K Mantra, both of which illuminate an approach to gaming/game mastering that it totally antithetical to my own, but which actually works really, really well for a lot of GMs and players.

For the record, my tendency unswerving habit of plot nitpicking is apparently inherited. My mother used to stare at the TV in flabbergasted exasperation and ask, "Why don't they just [do something eminently sensible]?" And without fail, my father would reply, "Because if they did that, they wouldn't have a show."
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