Teleri (telerib) wrote,

Five months of Spud

The Spud is five months old today!

He's a very happy baby, overall. We get lots of smiles and giggles (okay, and a fair amount of whining and hollering, but I think more of the former than the latter). For the first time that I've witnessed, he spent a good amount of time amusing himself with toys yesterday, without the need for Mom and Dad's constant attention. He scoots over the floor with assistance, rolls over it without, and really likes standing while Mom or Dad helps balance him.

We're about ready to try solids with him - he seems to be nursing a lot, and taking a lot more at a go. He doesn't seem to mind being held by his aunts or his parents' friends, but Baby Boomers freak him out (at least at first). When we have people over to game, he doesn't seem to like it - he's much fussier. Probably too much noise and activity.

Stalking the wild musical caterpillar

Making friends with rivka and curiousangel's daughter Alex


So happy to be at the Takoma Park Folk Festival
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