Teleri (telerib) wrote,


Bad luck: Laptop died. The error message indicates that it can no longer find the hard drive; I can't even use the reformat/restore disks to get to it.

Kicking myself: Didn't continue the extended warranty. It expired 9/15/06.

Good luck: Best Buy having a sale on laptops. I got a brand-new one with twice the RAM of the old one and a slightly bigger hard drive for $350. The old one cost $1000 two years ago. (Yes, there are much better laptops out there, but I don't honestly need them. I don't play video games or use applications that require the best and fastest.)

Patting myself on the back: I backed up all my documents fairly recently (July/August) so I won't lose too much. And I make a habit of burning all my downloaded programs (like Norton Antivirus) to disk, so I still have those.
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