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The worst sin in American politics, methinks, is hypocrisy. Which is deeply ironic, given that so much of politics is the art of compromise.

There are, I'd estimate, three camps calling for Larry Craig's head. There are the folks who say that since he plead guilty, he should resign. There are the folks who say "since he plead guilty" and mean "since he's probably gay." And there are the folks who are incensed over the hypocrisy of a possibly/probably gay man who has been so opposed to LBGT rights.

I admit that I kinda felt sorry for him, as a man if not as a senator. How awful must it be to be 62 years old and resorting to anonymous trysts? I've only ever heard that the closet is a terrible place to be, and this man appears to be deeply, deeply in the closet. If he believes the policies he's supported, how much self-loathing must he have?

Former NJ governor Jim McGreevey, who resigned when it came to light that his foreign (male) lover had been given a security-sensitive government job, gives his account of his double life and expulsion from the closet.
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