Teleri (telerib) wrote,

Space news round-up

China Says Work Underway to Mitigate Space Junk

Free hint for China: Don't blow satellites up in heavily-trafficed LEOs. That helps lots.

CNN discovers that some scientists favor robotic over human space exploration.

As they have for at least the past ten or twelve years, but whatever.

Once upon a time, robots were so lame it was clear that, for anything to get done, humans were going to have to do it. But robots have gotten much more capable, while sending humans into space hasn't gotten any easier.

Human Space Exploration (HSE) needs to have a long, hard look at itself and its ad campaigns. There are arguments for HSE. None of the honest ones have much to do with science. Yeah, there's a little science, but it's darn little for the amount of money spent.

Look, we spend federal money on ephemeral things like art. As a society, we agree that such things have value. There is nothing wrong with admitting that the current HSE program is largely an off-key hymn to human drive and curiosity and exploration and all the lovely romantic things we associate with it.

Or insist on some kind of new funding structure and oversight committee that actually has a snowball's chance of seeing one of HSE's Grand Projects through.
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