Teleri (telerib) wrote,

That was surprisingly easy...

I honestly didn't think we'd sell the trailer by the end of September. I figured we'd have to donate it to a fire company for them to practice on.

It's gone. Not only is it gone, it's gone for our full asking price, paid in cash. Not only that, but at least three other people were also interested in it.

As it turns out, another local trailer park is closing. There are several trailers for sale in our park, but ours was cheap but in decent condition. Ironically, the fellow who did buy it wasn't from the closing park. I think a local SCAdian forwarded my notice to the baronial e-list to him, because he addressed me as "Teleri" in his first email.

Such a load off to know that it's all taken care of now. And getting the money is good!

And in the new house, we continue to unpack and prepare to pay off our recently incurred karmic debts. That is to say, we're strapping all the tall furniture to the walls, plugging up the outlets, and hiding the glass-topped coffee table, so our friends with kids won't think they're leaving their children in a deathtrap waiting to happen if they ask us to babysit.

It's... surprising, all that there is to do. I just passed the stereo that Moe set up, glanced down at all the wires hanging down from it, and thought, "Nope, not good." Not sure what to do about it, but we'll figure something out...
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