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I have LJ archives going back to 2002 or something. I don't anticipate ditching this journal.

But it slowly dawned on me that Vox's much-vaunted multi-media capability was more than just easily linking to YouTube. giddysinger included tracks from CDs he owned in some posts, tracks that somehow mysteriously migrated from their home on the CD to the Internet.

Vox offers storage for music files.

I can record music files on my computer.

Vox accounts can be made to mirror on LJ.

This strikes me as an excellent tool for promulgating some of the original bardic work I've been doing recently. Posting music is all well and good, but probably 75% or more of SCA performers don't read. They learn by ear. Judicious use of tags and links from my bardic page could organize it. (I find blogs and journals absolutely awful when it comes to finding something you've seen before.)

Or I could pay real money and upgrade my Geocities account. That would allow for hosting PDFs, too.

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