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Oh, I don't need another project...

I so want to write up a "Mirror, Mirror1" version of 7th Sea's Theah for Flying Koala Games.

This came up in the forums, starting out as a discussion of doppelgangers. A doppel wouldn't be an opposite, but thinking about a "Shadow Theah" full of people's doppels (mostly unseen and undetected, one suspects) naturally led to Reverse Bizzaro World.

One of the fun things about trying to engineer a Reverse Bizarro World is keeping all the major players and recent events consistent, while having radically changed everything about the people involved. If the evil King Leon of Montaigne is now the good King Leon of Montaigne, how do we get to a dead Hierophant and the Montaigne-Castille war?

Leon, while good, also has Objectionist leanings; specifically, the species of Objectionism that's thinking that maybe sorcerers aren't inherently evil after all. What kind of cruel god would condemn to the Abyss someone whose only sin was being born to the wrong parents? This Leon is open about having sorcerous blood, but he doesn't actually use his Porte much (since using sorcery is clearly a sin). The enfant terrible of Castille, young King Sandoval (who murdered his father, banished his older brother to usurp the throne, and killed the Hierophant to paralyze the Concilio de Razon, the only real obstacle to his total power) uses this obvious heresy to command the Inquisition to attack Montaigne. Leon responds by counter-attacking, and we have the canonical Castille-Montaigne war reflected in the Reverse Bizarro mirror.

Technically, I really don't have time for this. I want to be going to the gym and working on my music during my "me time." Those are, objectively speaking, my goals which I also enjoy and which bear sweeter fruit down the line. But they do lack a certain "gee golly whiz!" factor.

1 - The "Spock with a Beard" episode of Original Trek, for those of you whose Star Trek geekery doesn't include episode names
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