Teleri (telerib) wrote,

Ah yes... I remember this...

Up on time, well-rested: +1
Clothes laid out, lunch packed, supplies gathered, coffee prepared night before: +5
Found out husband only got one hour of sleep: -2
Out the door more-or-less on-time: +1
Left Spud at home: -5
Birthday present on seat of car: +5**
Birthday poem on steering wheel: +10
Good traffic: +3
Forgot badge: -2
New Starbucks mug dribbles coffee down my shirt: -1
Mug keeps dripping coffee, no matter what I do: -2
Work computer missing power cable: -3
New set of pumping horns don't work with ad hoc hands-free pumping bra: -2
Coworker loans me power cable: +1
Massive meeting at 9am: +0 - that's what they pay me for, after all

Overall, +9. So it's a good day.

**I actually have luscious_purple to thank for the gift - a pound of Kona coffee and a grinder. Reading her posts about Hawaii and her own Kona coffee got me wondering about it, so I bought a faux-Kona blend from the grocery store. I mentioned to the Dear Spouse what it was that we were drinking, and how Kona was supposed to be a superior coffee. He remembered that and bought me some of my very own!
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