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By Your Side

So I'm on a "friends of the household" list for House Blackspear. And this morning, the warlord sent out an email about the virtues of fighting together as a unit, of sacrificing individual desires for a team effort. Now, heaven knows I was raised by a father who is such a believer in individualism that he even regards team sports with suspicion. But, since one of the duties of the scop is to praise the hall-virtues of the warrior, I felt moved to write something.

I banged this out in 30 minutes, although the music for the first two lines of the verses isn't done yet. It is unfortunately of the "John Denver" school of SCA music. (Actually, what it is really shaping up to sound like is one of those new Jesuit-written Catholic hymns of the mid-1970s. Which makes sense, considering how many of them I've heard and how individual sacrifice is a theme of the song.)

Five long and four deep
Our swords and shields keep
Our spears from the sweep
Of the foe

By your side, by your side
I will march
By your side

The shield-on-shield clash
Lifts hearts bold and brash
We battle and lash
At the foe

By your side, by your side
I will fight
By your side

Your heart's blood to stain
The ground was his aim
Instead I lay slain
By the foe

By your side, by your side
I will die
By your side

We win or we lose
But battle we choose
And none of us rues
Us our fate

By your side, by your side
I find glory
By your side

(Optional personalized refrain reprise)

By your side, by your side
Blackspear, I will be
By your side
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