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"The concerts were attended by family members who shuffled in like impressed seamen called to witness the punishment of a well-liked man - in this case, Mozart. Burned in my ear forever is our Overture to The Magic Flute as it taxis toward tempo, takes flight for one white-knuckled moment, then sinks beyond the runway to disintegrate in a welter of flaming pieces."
- Christian Williams, journalist and amateur cellist, quoted in Stephanie Judy's Making Music for the Joy of It. The book has many amusing and inspirational quotes - the one above in uncharacteristically negative, but appears in the section on "Problems with Ensemble Leaders: #3 - The leader or conductor chooses music that is too difficult," so I think that explains it.

I just finished Judy's book. I was at the local public library to pick up "Happiest Baby on the Block" and had to walk down the Performing Arts aisle to get to it. (It's a miracle I was only there for fifteen minutes.) This one, and another on aristocrats and magicians in Elizabethan theatre, jumped off the shelf and insisted on coming home with me.

Making Music for the Joy of It is subtitled "A Guide for Adult Beginning and Amateur Musicians." It wasn't a revelation to me so much as it was an affirmation of things I've come to believe over the past thirteen years, since I started to believe that I, too, could make legitimate music. It absolutely nails the negative beliefs and attitudes that make many amateur performers unhappy with themselves and their music and gives good suggestions on defusing them. It also contains a ton of good advice on being an amateur musician, and an interesting learning technique called "mapping" that I may try sometime.

It's available on Amazon and Ebay for around $10-$15, and I'm seriously considering picking up a copy. I enjoy musically mentoring people in the SCA, and this book says things that a lot of beginners need to hear better than I can.
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