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All I'd seen of Ratatouille was the poster, from a distance. It did not interest me; I think I was thinking of Flushed Away, which had little appeal for me, either. (I am not an initiate into the wonders of Wallace and Grommet, which may well be my loss.)

Then I started to skim a review. I got as far as "who also directed The Incredibles and The Iron Giant" and I was sold. The Incredibles became one of my favorite movies pretty much as soon as I saw it. The Dear Spouse consistently ranks The Iron Giant as one of his.

Alas, we were determined not the be "those people" and bring the Spud to the theatre. He's grown out of his wonderful "quiet sleepy baby" phase and seems stuck on this "gassy fussy baby" phase. There was no way he was going to behave for an entire movie, even an animated one.

Then! Our friend Ruth saw the movie. "It is must-see," she said. "On the big screen. The animation is amazing. And it's just a great movie." We nodded and prepared to launch into the "We would, but..." speech when she continued: "I'll baby-sit. I know you can't tell new parents something's 'must see' and expect them to go see it without a sitter." Huzzah!

So she sat. And we went. And lo, it was amazing animation, and a pretty darn good movie. There were something like four or five possible Morals of the Story that you could learn, and none of them were beating you over the head. There is no magic wind that lets the boy and the rat communicate; they have to work it out. (And if the end result is still implausible, I must remind myself that it's a movie about an intelligent chef-rat. At least they have to search for a working technique and then practice it, which is 150% more than most movies of this genre would do.)

Anyway. Pixar wins again. Movie good. You should see, if you like really good CGI animation, really good writing, and a good coming-of-age story.
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