Teleri (telerib) wrote,

Buyer's Panic

So, um... we've made an offer. They've accepted it.

Pursuant a home inspection, title search, and whatever the heck else they have to do, we got a house.


I mean, I rather like the trailer. It's cozy. For two people and a baby, it's not too small. Could use more storage, but it is really easy to get from our room to the baby's room and then to the kitchen/laundry room. That circuit gets made a lot.

Of course, within ten months or so, it's going to start seeming a lot smaller. And if he gets a sibling? Even more cramped.

Never mind the time and money spent on things like new windows. We may see some of that money come back, but not like we would in a home.

So um... scary. But good.
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