Teleri (telerib) wrote,

Two Months!

The little goober is two months old today! Poor little guy got three shots to celebrate.

He's 11.4 lbs - almost twice his birth weight. He notices his mobile and will watch it for a few minutes. He tracks faces. He's got the pooping thing figured out, and finally seems to be big enough to get a decent latch when breastfeeding. We're going to give that another shot.

(Side note: The nurse today told me that why yes, it will hurt a little to start breastfeeding. I understand that the lactivist people want to encourage BFing and so play that down, but all I've heard is that "It shouldn't hurt at all" and "Pain means an improper latch." So I've been thinking me and the Spud just couldn't get it right, because gosh, it isn't entirely comfortable to have a hungry infant gnawing on your sensitive bits.)

He's still got an awful gas problem, and the nurse recommended that I try giving up milk for a few days. He doesn't seem to be social smiling yet - hard to say, since he has so much gas! He smiles a lot and it is inevitably sometimes when we smile at him. But I'm not convinced.

It is really great to finally see him start reacting to the world, and to us, a bit more.
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