Teleri (telerib) wrote,

Oh Noes! Teh Drama Returns!

(Why the 'Net speak? Because I can't but help to compare to rivka's breastfeeding drama, which makes mine look pretty undramatic in comparison.)

After one or two decent pumpings, Leftie's production fell off again. That often happens in the afternoon anyway, so I didn't make much of it - until I saw that a pie-slice of Leftie was flushed red.

Having read rivka's LJ two years ago, I of course first thought, "Is that mastitis?"

Survey says, probably not. The symptons are more like a plugged milk duct. I think I've had them once or twice before, with Rightie (and in fact had one last night) but they've always cleared up quickly, with some warm compresses and applied pressure. This thing doesn't seem to want to go away anytime soon. It also may be complicated by the squeezing I did two days ago - it seems to get better when I take Advil, which seems to imply that swelling is a contributing cause as well.

I'll call the lactation consultant I saw to see what she thinks about this. Ironically, a trip to the doctor's will likely make it somewhat worse unless they can find me a place to pump - it's only once in a million years that I spend less than an hour or hour and a half in that waiting room...
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