Teleri (telerib) wrote,

Baby lacks AM/PM switch

Spud will wake, fuss while being changed, feed, and then sleep, usually for 2-3 hours but sometimes as long as five.

During the day.

Last night, we had a poop-n-feed marathon from 1am to 3am. Three diaper changes, alternating feedings and changings, with limited down-time for fussing (to indicate that the marathon was not yet over).

Then, forty minutes of blessed sleep before the next changing/feeding. And then I think there was almost an hour break before morning.

Around 6:30, Moe took over Spud detail and told me to sleep; I got up around 9:30 and he went back to bed from 10-noon. Yesterday, we had a family nap after the pediatrician appointment. I have never been big on daytime sleeping before - usually, I just can't - but boy, you learn fast.

Ah, I see that the noon - 2pm nap is coming to an end... the diaper calls, adieu.
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