Teleri (telerib) wrote,

The first 24 hours

Our refrain:

Parent 1: I don't know if I'm doing this right.
Parent 2: Is he dead?
Parent 1: No.
Parent 2: Then you're doing it right.

He's generally sleepy and calms readily when fussy. (Please let that last!) I've been wearing him in a sling around the house, which is mostly very nice. (It is also nice to have some non-baby time.) But right now, he's sleeping in his sling while I type.

The only angst/drama on my end has been, predictably, breastfeeding, which is complicated by his premie status and time in NICU. I found a lovely website called "Exclusively Pumping" or something similar, which contained many tales of pump-fed babies who, eventually and in their own damn good time (and with Mama's continued efforts), learned to nurse. That was a good sanity check.

(Also, the engineer in me secretly likes the bottles and pumping, because it makes feeding quantifiable.)

And yes, it was Flickr, and yes, it is part of Yahoo!

Me and the Spud; I think this was Monday in the hospital. Spud was already off his air tubes but I think he was still on the feeding IV.

I know; it's really gas. But it looks like a really cute smile.
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