Teleri (telerib) wrote,

Talk about timing

I'm exhausted and it's only 7:20pm.

Today, I did perhaps 20 minutes of light cleaning, had a mid-morning lie-down, and saw the midwife. (Blood pressure is lower but still high - midwife was pleased and says continue bedrest.) On the way home, I stopped at the grocery store. I had lunch and another lie-down. Since I forgot the main thing I went to the grocery store for, I ran out to the Target - that took longer than expected, probably close to an hour. Home again, another lie-down, and fixed half of dinner.

It was not an especially strenuous day, but I'm just worn out. Either they caught this blood pressure thing just as it was ramping up, or getting so much rest is making me tired. (I've heard that can happen.) I mean... yes, I know I'm pregnant, but two days ago I didn't feel this way. Weird.
Tags: pregnancy
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