Teleri (telerib) wrote,

*May* 24, Spud. *May.*

Guess who's on bedrest?

Luckily, it's "modified" bedrest - at least 3 1-hour lay-downs a day, on my side, with feet up. Light activity is OK, vacuuming is not. It seems my blood pressure is up - not critically up, but up enough that, well, I'm on bedrest.

Good thing we had the hospital tour yesterday - Moe knew right where to go to find me in Labor and Delivery, where they were monitoring me. Yup, the midwife sent me over there after my checkup. After an hour of monitoring and an hour of waiting for blood test results (all normal), they sent me home with the prescription for rest.

Still, things are normal enough that the midwives are still my caregivers, so I'm not high-risk yet. I have follow-up appointments to make for Thursday and Tuesday - we'll see how it goes.
Tags: pregnancy
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