Teleri (telerib) wrote,

Dear Pentagon,

You may not know this, but up on the George Washington Memorial Parkway, there's a little sign indicating that I-395 N can be reached via the exit that goes to your building. There's even a second sign at the bottom of the ramp, directing one to the left.

Then, once one arrives at the Pentagon - that little T, right? - there are suddenly no signs. I guessed right, and suddenly had the option of getting back onto the GW Parkway or getting onto VA 110. Or, I guess, backing up or something weird, but I suspect y'all are very Not Cool with cars doing weird things in your parking lot. I understand.

So, a little sign at that T would help. Or make them take the I-395 sign on the Parkway down. All I can say is, I'm glad Cherry Blossom Fever is dying down or my scenic detour around the Tidal Basin would have been really stressful.


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