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I haven't actually made a "style board," which is (so I am told) a sort of grown-up craft project where you clip and save pictures of Things You Like to Look At. All kinds of things - nature things, clothes things, portraits, whatever. Then you're supposed to examine it to see what themes there are.

I have tried to pay attention to what floats my boat, sartorially. I have found two main influences:

Drapey Gossamer Goddess - the big, flowy, floaty scarfs and tops with hanging sleeves and palazzo pants, all very pre-Raphaelite. I like the smooth lines of the flowing fabric, but I'm also concerned that, at my height, it would be too easy for me to be mistaken for a walking fabric stash.

Retro Adventure Chic - I want knee high boots, khakis and a tailored white shirt! Jewelry that looks like it came from my latest adventure to Far Off Places, Marion's hat from the finale of "Raiders of the Lost Ark," a frock coat, a brass pocketwatch and did I mention the boots? My main worry here is coming in to work looking more like a movie extra than an engineer. I have a hard time translating "costume" into "style."

What I actually wear is Worker Drone Casual: slacks and blouses or sweaters, sometimes a shell/sweater or shell/jacket combination. My suits are bog-standard off the rack at Macy's. (I had one in white and beige that played into my shirt-and-khakis image, but it got lost coming back from Hawaii. At least I have one in bright red - it's a skirt-suit, which isn't my preference, but I love the color.)

Every so often now, I'm picking up pieces that fit into one or the other style, though - a drapey wrap for when the office is cold, or the pinstriped vest that got a good bit of comment. And of course, I've got my Luchesse boots back, hurrah!
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