Teleri (telerib) wrote,

Christmas Presents

I've been making some nice jewelry for myself and for presents recently. And it just occurred to me that hey, I should take pictures of the stuff I'm making.

Taryn Christmas 2009
Hideous, ain't it? Back in third grade, my sister wrote a haiku:

I saw a blue bug
When I walked behind the bug
I squashed it real dead

So I saw the blue bug pendant and had to get it. Then I found the gold slider, and the scarab suggested a pseudo-Egyptiany theme and... yeah. Stringing all those seed beads was a lot of effort for a gag gift.

Mary Kate Christmas 2009
Recycled glass beads with a spiral pendant, for an Jersey Shore girl of Irish descent.

Katie Christmas 2009
Pretty art glass beads with accents for my other sister-in-law.

Tags: jewelry
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