Teleri (telerib) wrote,

Them? They're not with us.

My Dear Spouse is a political blogger. I've started reading blogs in the fat acceptance community, which (at least recently) sometimes bleed over into general feminist issues. And something keeps bugging me.

"We," whoever "we" are, are reasonable people. Sometimes we have uncompromising views on a topic, but we're never (or rarely) vicious about it. We're here to say our piece, maybe have some intelligent debate. Honestly, we allow for dissenting viewpoints, although we won't tolerate trolls. We don't automatically think you're an evil person if you disagree with us.

Well, yes, there is Bob. Bob's... well. He thinks he's part of our movement, but really, he's missing the point somewhat. He's not respectful, he trolls other blogs, he uses ad hominem attacks and posts incoherent screeds. But Bob's not really with us. Even if he says he is.

The Other Side? Oh, they're just full of Bobs. Gadzooks, I can hardly read one of their rants without tearing out my hair. Always eager to point a finger, no tactic is too low to stoop to. I can provide you with URLs if you don't believe me! Geeze Lousie, those people are crazy.

I mean, they even think Bob represents most of us!
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