Teleri (telerib) wrote,

"An untutored hand"

That's what Harris calls some handwriting making late additions to a manuscript page shown in his book. The lettering is clearly of an inferior quality to the rest of the page, somebody doing last-minute (or decades-later) edits who had to go in, scrape off a few letter and jam in more than easily fit.

That's what I'm aiming for at the moment - an untutored hand. Someone literate enough in 700 or 800 CE to write something down, but not necessarily good enough to make Art.

If I ever get around to being good enough to make Art, that's a bonus, but I need to keep my goals in mind. And my goals for calligraphy right now are to embellish original poetry and music, not to make beautiful manuscript pages. Anything that's still legible is a step up from Times New Roman.

(Although ironically, if I really went whole-hog and wrote the poetry out in period style, it'd be really much harder to read, what with the run-ons and all. Something to consider...)
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