Teleri (telerib) wrote,

Any video editors out there?

So, I've got a YouTube channel, because someone was asking how to use a wrist-strap on lyre. I thought - silly me - that I could take video with a chat-cam and upload it to YouTube and done. It's MP4, right? Ahaha... no. The audio lags the video.

I had Vdub recommended to me, and I used it to save the MP4 as an AVI. Nope. I thought I tried again, encoding the audio as an MP3. Nope. I had LAME recommended to me as an audio codec, but Windows Vista doesn't know what to with the tarball and I'm sufficiently lazy that I didn't try to figure it out myself. Because this was supposed to be a quick and easy thing.

People are subscribing to my channel and watching these awful videos and now I feel like I should really figure out WTF to do with them.

Can anyone recommend an Idiot's Guide to YouTube? I've found their help files unhelpful for detailed, idiot-proof specifics. I've been told they have good tutorials, but danged if I can find them. I'm dimly aware that there are editors (let you trim footage), filters (let you... filter, I guess, and maybe apply codecs?) and codecs, which I don't think do anything by themselves but can be handed to other programs to encode your raw video into something YouTube likes. Exactly how Tab A goes into Slot B in this case is a bit bewildering.
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