Teleri (telerib) wrote,

Well, that was unexpected

I'm the new Poeta Atlantiae.


See, I don't think of myself as a poet. Poets are quasi-mystics who breathe the vapors of Delphi and, in rapturous transports, give us new eyes with which to see old ideas. I can make things rhyme and keep a meter.

In honesty: I have been known to have a neat turn of phrase, and I do have a big enough vocabulary that I can pull off stuff like "rapturous transports," and it only sounds slightly stilted because I really do talk that way sometimes. (Geeeeek.) But my approach to poetic composition is workmanlike. I tend to write for occasions, because someone needs a poem done. I don't exactly have a head full of great ideas and images fighting to get out into poems. I have a situation that requires a poem, so I construct ideas and images to make one.

Granted, this is not a bad quality to have in a court poet.

...first things first, I should write Their Majesties thanking them for the honor and putting myself at Their service.
Tags: poeta, sca
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