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Heraldic surcoat

Highland River Melees is this weekend. They have a 14th century theme and, since it's also a demo, they've asked people to wear appropriate garb if they have it. I have a surcoat, but it's wool. So no.

But I also had a bunch of cheap poly/cotton sheeting in royal blue, after using most of it to make a disguise for the Spud's porta-crib. I managed, in relatively short order, to make something fairly surcoat-like. (There's something off about the armholes. Not sure how you can mess up sideless surcoat armholes, but I may have managed it.)

Now, my arms are divided sable and azure. I looked for some spare black fabric, but nothing I had was similar in weight to the cheapo blue, so I didn't go there. But I did have some white, so I decided to make a compass star (my primary charge) and appliqué it to the surcoat. Probably it's in conflict with someone, and if I meet them, I'll give way.

Not really thinking about it, I put the star on the... plastern? Plastron? Not-the-skirt part. I was tempting Fate, I know, ornamenting a quickie piece of bad garb like that, but I only sewed it to the back once, and I caught it quickly enough that it wasn't bad to fix. It went on without a problem, and I finished before the Spud woke up.

And when I tried it on, it made me look like a superhero.

Seriously. It's exactly where Batman, Superman, Green Lantern and all their ilk put their logos.

This is why most ladies put their heraldic decorations on the skirts of their surcoats, isn't it?
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