Teleri (telerib) wrote,

Happy 0.75th Birthday!

He's very good at crawling these days, and pulls up on everything. He's done a little coasting between Mama and Daddy's hands, or from a piece of furniture to a parent, but our house isn't set up for real good 'round-the-room pre-toddler mobility.

He's loving an assortment of toys and games. He seems intrigued by the electronic talking toys he has; has used a hard plastic toy as a rhythm instrument (rubbing it along a bumpy surface to make noise) at least once; likes to flip the pages of his books; thinks silicone baby spoons are the best chewies ever; and has discovered that he can bang his hands on things. I want to get him a little tiny shoe to bang on his high chair table.

"My God, it's full of stars!"

Four teeth are coming in on top, all at once (poor guy!). We're into Cheerios and some chunkier foods now, but still a lot of purees, too.

We had his child dedication last Sunday at church. He was very good for the whole thing, even the part where we walked him around the church so people could bless him. I expected him to melt down with so many strangers getting in his face, but he handled it with the aplomb of a gracious Silver Screen star.

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