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Link to article: We can has historic map, yay!

277 comments. I have to know: what's so contentious about a map to inspire 277 comments?

Mostly, a bunch of "who discovered America first?" stuff, von Daniken stuff, some amusing lampooning of the same. And the assertion:

"Think about it. All the technologies that put us on the moon have been known for thousands of years."

When called to explain this fairly ridiculous statement:

"Well, technically I was talking about the Romans.
They had the principle of steam engines, concrete, knew about rocketry (Roman candles) freshly conquered Egypt, they had batteries (which were used for gold-plating stuff), they did in fact know that the Sun was the center of the solar system and that the Earth was round, they had advanced mathematics...

All they were lacking was the drive to actually do something with it. Why? Because they had too much cheap labor (i.e. slaves) and thus it was not necessary to put their heads together to improve technology and sciences."

Dude, you forgot the ancient Greeks and their computers! Because they totally had them.

So... the Romans would've sent a steam-powered concrete rocket to the sun? And who would've calculated the two-body problem, mm?

Sir? Johannes Kepler, Isaac Newton, Thomas Edison, and Werner von Braun are standing in line to smack you, just behind every science and history teacher you ever had.
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