Teleri (telerib) wrote,

Trick or treat or I suck out your soul

First, Spud was going to be a Frog Prince for Halloween. Take his froggie onesie, attach a little hood with big google eyes and a little felt crown. I find his frog clothes adorable and his aunt has a small collection of Frog Prince schtuff (she voiced a Frog Prince puppet in the NJ Ren Faire once) so it would tickle her, too.

Then, I realized that I have no time to make him a costume. If he were old enough to trick or treat, I'd make the time, but this would be strictly for the photo-op. Even though Halloween is probably my favorite holiday, it would probably be best for my sanity to let this slide.

(Now I'm wondering if I'm over by the Michael's anyway and the line at the fabric counter isn't too long...)

But this has my idea beat all to heck.
Tags: spud
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