Teleri (telerib) wrote,

Baby on the brain

Wow... just one non-Spud post in all the posting done since his birth. Of course, do you know why new parents become monofocused bores who can speak of nothing besides their Precious Bundle of Joy? The Precious Bundle of Joy needs fed about every two hours. That's from start-of-feeding to start-of-feeding. Feeding, burping and changing can take between 30 and 60 minutes. So you get 60-90 minutes of downtime before the next go-round (unless it is one of those blessed times the Bundle sleeps longer).

So half your life gets turned over to eating and pooping. And not even for yourself!

It's not quite that bad, honestly, especially with another parent to split it with. (And I say this as the parent of a beautiful well-tempered, non-colicky baby whose greatest sin is to squall for 5-10 minutes of a given 2-hour cycle because of gas. It can be very, very bad for other parents.) But when you spend half your day doing something, it tends to dominate your thoughts.

But there is something new looming on the horizon for me to obsess about! Since we're both home from work, and since our lease is month-to-month at the moment, it seems like a good time to look for a non-trailer place to live. Townhouses are high on our list, since there's no effing way we're going to afford a detatched home that's anything like a reasonable commute for me on just one salary. We got a mortgage pre-approved yesterday, and are seeing our first property at 10am today. Woo!
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